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Court Rules in Favor of First Amendment in Student Parody MySpace Cases

Two “divergent” rulings on the use of MySpace or similar networks to mock a school administrator by students were reviewed by the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals and a ruling in favor of the First Amendment was narrowly achieved in both cases. Students in separate Pennsylvania school districts were suspended after making “parody” accounts targeting […]

Chitty Chat Brings Private Chat Rooms To Twitter [Awesome Idea]

I can’t possibly express in words how much I hate getting in the crossfire of an hour long Twitter conversation among people I follow. Oftentimes I get confused by the conversations or my timeline looks like a one way conversation and that’s where startup Chitty Chat comes into play. Created by @mhsutton Chitty Chat allows […]

[Social Geography] Global Map of the Facebook Empire

Although Facebook has seen some significant decreases in traffic over the past few months, it’s interesting to look at how far the social network has come on a global scale. The maps below, via AllFacebook, illustrate Facebook’s global dominance over the past few months and years. While there are notable exceptions in Russia- parts of […]