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[Social Crime] Facebook Status Update May Have Prompted Armed Robbery

Although my personal list of things not to share on Facebook is short and succinct, we’ve discussed not airing your criminal laundry to all and sundry using Facebook or other social networks. And while sharing successes is perfectly acceptable, there is a fine line between updating and opening yourself to violent crime. No one likes […]

Former White House Press Secretary Hired By Facebook

When President Bill Clinton was working through his second term and had to deal with that whole pesky Monica Lewinsky scandal it was then Press Secretary Joe Lockhart who handled questions from media outlets and now he has headed in a new direction, announcing his employment with social network Facebook. Lockhart has agreed to join […]

Facedrink, It Gives You Social Energy

So many Facebook updates. So many tweets. So many check-ins… Keeping up with your social media life can be an exhausting endeavor. But who wants to drink coffee or shoot a 5-Hour-Energy. I don’t know about you, but I only consume products that are associated with my favorite social media platforms. Luckily for me, I […]

New Yorkers Tweet More Than Anyone In The World [Study]

New York City residents love to Tweet, so much so that Sysomos recently determined that New Yorkers use the social network more than anyone in the world, despite London having the most created Twitter accounts. As Gizmodo Australia points out, Twitter is so popular New York City that gangs even started communicating through the social […]