Dick Vitale Sends Eva Longoria An Awkward Message About Tony Parker

dick vitale

Tony Parker is awesome. Eva Longoria is his ex-wife. So technically, everything that Dick Vitale said to the actress last night on Twitter was 100% correct. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t awkward.

After the San Antonio Spurs beat the Miami Heat last night (thanks to an amazing buzzer beating shot by Mr. Parker) Eva Longoria sent out a tweet congratulating her favorite team on the win.

Longoria, who filed for divorce from Parker back in 2010, grew up close to San Antonio and is still a big Spurs fan. Sure, she it might be awkward cheering for her ex-husband but most people, at least the ones who have some clue about social etiquette, don’t flaunt that in her face.

But then there’s Dick Vitale.

The announcer was made aware of his social faux pas but he didn’t really understand what part of his message was offensive. Dick came back to Twitter to defend his comment about Tony Park being Mr. clutch and neglected the whole “your ex is awesome baby” part of his tweet.

Dick Vitale is right about Parker being of the best point guards in the league and he is right that he was once married to Eva Longoria. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t awkward.

And by the way, this is the shot that everyone is talking about.

And this is the face you make right before you realize that you’re going to lose game 1 of the NBA finals.



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