Articles written by Dusten Carlson

10 Game Of Thrones Cosplayers Who Are Dead-Ringers For Their HBO Counterparts [Pics]

If George R.R. Martin’s bloodlust grows to the point at which he starts killing off HBO actors, there are actually a handful of people who could walk into a vacant role on Game of Thrones in a moment’s notice (and the audience would hardly know the difference). Yeah, we’re talking about cosplayers again. Despite the massive cosplay […]

Live Action Akira Project: A Bad-A Ode To An Anime Classic [Video]

Anime fans don’t need us to tell them about the ground-breaking 1988 animated film Akira, or the dense multi-volume manga that preceded it in 1980. Those same fans also don’t need us to tell them about the supposed live-action Akira project that has been ping-ponged around Development Hell since at least 2002. In all that time, producers considered […]

Justin From ‘Catfish’ Says MTV Is Catfishing Everyone [Video]

You remember Justin from Catfish, right? Justin Voel-Pel, the star of the unforgettable Season 2 ep “Artis & Jess,” the sweaty online dating vigilante guy? This guy: God, I love that GIF. Anyway, Justin has been the hobby of my career, which has otherwise consisted of social media hoaxes and bewbs. I investigated him tirelessly in […]

Random Shirtless Dude Asks Out Sexy Local News Anchor Amid CA Wildfire [Video]

No one can say that this shirtless dude doesn’t have his priorities in order. Record heat levels and severe drought have ushered California into wildfire season a little early this year. Spread by powerful winds, a fire started in San Bernardino National Forest has already burned over 1,000 acres. Despite working around the clock, firefighters […]

Facebook Fight Over A Boy Leads Teen Girl To Shoot And Kill Peer [Video]

Chicago, IL – A Facebook fight over a boy led a 14-year-old to shoot and kill another 14-year-old on Monday afternoon. Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy confirmed that murder charges had been filed against a suspect who used a .38-caliber handgun used to kill Endia Martin earlier this week. The gun had been stolen from […]