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Tiniest Wild Cat Ever Will Make You Squee

(Almost) everyone loves cats, but the internet has gone on and made the cat into an iconic animal, getting all the love and attention the internet can possibly give. Well, you know what makes the internet all say AWWW in unison even quicker than a cat? A kitten. And do you know makes people go […]

Cringefest: LG’s New Robot Voice Assistant Fails Spectacularly at CES

I know I am cruel and a little evil because I genuinely like videos like this. Where overly confident people brag about their new technology only for it to fail miserably and make said person look like an asshat. In this case, one LG PR guy had a helluva time getting his new “robot assistant” […]

WTF of the Day: Men From Thailand are Having Their Penises Whitened

How do you write a good article when the title already spoils the killer plot twist? There is no gentle way for me to dance around this, people. Men in Thailand are having their penises whitened. And yes, it is just as racist as it sounds. The men doing the “penis bleaching” in Thailand are […]

An Article From INSIDE Snowmageddon 2018 (in Northeast)

From the inside all I can say is this IS Snowmageddon. What you see above is a genuine picture of my kitchen window. I think the first thing you will notice it IT IS SNOWING SO BADLY OUTSIDE, IT IS SNOWING INSIDE MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW! I wonder how many people from the South are […]