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Adorable Babies Dressed As Politicians For Halloween

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your baby’s first Halloween or you just need a laugh, I assure you won’t be disappointed. These politicians have never looked more adorable. Everyone from Bernie to Trump is represented, and these pictures are a must see! Check out the most adorable babies dressed as politicians for Halloween!

Internet’s Dead Grumpy Cat Gets Honored In Time For Halloween

If there ever was a doubt that cats are up to no good and are plotting world domination, one look at the internet would change your mind. Mark our words, cats already have plans for enslaving the human race, and they are going to do it through the internet. One fine example of this is […]

Judgement Day Countdown: Mind-Blowing Agile Atlas Humanoid Robots

Okay, so … remember when Sarah Connor was telling Dr. Silberman about judgement day and how it was about to go down? “It’s not a dream, you moron. It’s real. I know the date it happens! On August 29th, 1997, it’s gonna feel pretty f***ing real to you, too! Anybody not wearing two million sunblock is […]