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Being a fisherman is often hard work and consists of mysteries, dangers, and fulfillment, the sea is rather an unpredictable tempest. Hence, lots of wonders and perils are present there, usually not mutually exclusive. One fisherman in the Marshall Islands even found 48 kilos of cocaine in the Marshall Islands amounting to as much as […]

Reindeer Boob Is Back And Is The Breast Holiday Trend Ever [NSFW]

It’s that time of the year again when hiding from your nieces and nephews is the most sound financial advice you can get. ‘Tis the season of giving after all. Now, some people are a lot more giving than others, so much so, that they are giving others a peek of their boobs. How so? […]

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A young mother is warning the internet against lip filler treatment after she says a botched job left her looking like the ‘Elephant Man‘. Billie Roocroft, seen above, had never been fulfilled with her thin lips and after viewing celebrities swank their own, she elected to go for a ‘fuller’ look. She claims the $94 […]