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The guys over at GoodMythicalMorning are insane but I  mean that in the best way possible. They took all the tropes of regular morning TV shows and flipped them on their head for their YouTube channel, and the end result has been much well-deserved notoriety as a result of their often hilarious shenanigans. Just watching […]

Frozen Ocean: How Cold It is In Cape Cod Right Now

People tend to hear Cape Cod and associate it with Summer vacations and Plymouth and 1620 and all that crap, but the last thing they think of is a tundra (tundra by definition: In physical geography, tundra is a type of biome where the tree growth is hindered by low temperatures and short growing seasons), yet, we have […]

Nature’s Short Bus: Stupid Mountain Lion is Stupid

*Read in Fancy British Accent Please note how the sleek and hungry Mountain Lion slowly and carefully approaches it’s plastic prey, so as to ensure they don’t scare the statue away. The mountain lion, being one of the SMARTEST creatures in the animal kingdom, does not play around when it comes to predatory instinct. You […]

Top 10 Must-Follow Instagram Influencers for Your Inspiration

Instagram isn’t only a place to post photos. While it may be a reflection of how Instagram originated, it has grown into a valuable platform where users can connect with reputable influencers – widening their audience with engaged individuals. With over 800 million active monthly users, Instagram has grown into a household name and opens […]