Trump Blames Mass Killings on Video Games (Because Of Course He Does)

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10 Times Melania Strangled Donald With Her Thoughts

Some day, Donald Trump’s eyes are going to roll back in his head and his body will collapse onto the ground. Nearby, Melania’s dour frown will slowly turn into a satisfied smirk, because she will finally have finally succeeded at murdering her despised husband with nothing but her mind.

This WILL Make Your Day: A Baby and a Goat Having A Discussion

There is a surreal bond between humans and animals and no one can quite explain. A bond that transcends titles and the food chain. Take for example this very simple video of a “conversation” between a human baby (pretty sure I can just call it a baby, but whatever) and a baby goat. We know […]

Shocking Video Shows How Easy It Is For a Kid To Obtain A Gun

I will warn you, in the wake of the Florida shootings, this is a tough video to see, but it is one that NEEDS to be seen by ALL. We see a kid get turned away for trying to buy cigarettes, scratch tickets, and booze. “He looks like he’s 12” they remark. Mere moments later, […]

Shocking Discovery: Thoughts & Prayers Are The Power Source Of The NRA

The Headquarters of the National Rifle Association (located in Virginia) is a tall black spire with an immense fiery black eye at the top which is said to be able to see its GOP puppets at all times, always making sure they are offering an adequate amount of Thoughts & Prayers, its power source, every […]