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The Inherent Problem With Our Smartphones

Smartphones are a duel-sided blade. On one side, we have never been more connected to everything in the entirety of our lives. From getting a ride when we are drunk (Lyft, anyone?) to literally having a voice that pops up on our phones and tells us how to get where we need to go if […]

I Won’t BRB: AOL Instant Messenger Finally About to Shut Down Forever

Photo via CNN,YouTube What, AOL instant messenger is still a thing? Very much so, yes. You always have to give AOL props. Even though their software became somewhat obsolete (even though they STARTED the trend of online chatting), AOL instant messenger has been up and running this WHOLE TIME. Yes, even fifteen years after you […]

How to Become a Social Media and Blogging Fashion Influencer

Have you noticed all of the excitement and activity in the world of online fashion, social media and blogging lately? It’s quite amazing. Individuals and fashionistas from around the world are now becoming successful and recognized brands of their own without the need to connect with big-name brands, getting sponsorships or even long-term contracts. Now […]

Love is Love: Tasmanians Hijacks Road Side Sign in Favor of Gay Marriage

Love is love is all the message wrote, laid out in painted tires across a Tasmanian hillside which is normally used to advertise the next big rodeo. To us we would think little of it, but people driving by (including the owner’s of the land who had no idea until they saw it) were quite […]