Trump Forgets He Doesn’t Run China, Tries To Improve Their Economy

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Battle of the Crazies: Rodrigo Duterte vs. Donald Trump

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North Koreans Suddenly Develop Diabetes As American Imports Appear

Feminists Are Putting The Fear Of God Into Men By Running For Office

The rumors are true. Women are running for offices all over the country, and men are terrified that they’ll lose their hardly-deserved positions at the top. And to someone with lady parts, gasp! While the goons in politics will never admit it, these sudden revelations women are having that are leading them to swap professions was […]

Donald Trump is the Most Goodest at Science

In administrations past, the President of the United States happily handed off the science’ing to a bunch of nerds and shut-ins who touted themselves as “experts,” empowered by something called “years of research and collected data.” Well, not anymore. Now that the country is in the hands of a “very stable genius” and not a […]

America Gets More Brown; White Racists Spasm Uncontrollably

It’s an undeniable fact that American is trending towards brownness. Once presumed to be a permanently light-skinned nation, demographic data has long shown that white folks will soon lose their nationwide majority. They’ll still hold a plurality, of course, making them the largest slice of the demographic pie. But they’ll no longer make up more […]

ZTE Might Be Selling State Secrets, But Trump is Here To Help

ZTE, a Chinese manufacturer of exceptionally mediocre phones, was recently on the receiving end of a multi-agency smack-down from the US government for years of lying, cheating, and spying. But that didn’t stop Trump from intervening on their behalf!