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Ugly Christmas Sweater Shoes have been sweeping the nation, and some say they are utterly unconscionable in the best possible way. As we all transition into the Xmas spirit, some of us more outgoing individuals like to integrate some interesting festal decor into our attire. Loud colors and patterns are much to absorb, and the […]

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There is always that one person who knows how capitalism works and will live and breath it at every opportunity. Even when looking for babysitters. One mother of three on Facebook might have been the perfect example of such a person when she posted her babysitter requirements online for a superstar babysitter. Apparently, the anonymous […]

4 Reactions To GM Layoffs That Blame Trump

If you haven’t heard, General Motors recently closed five locations leaving 14,000 people without jobs. Regardless of the fact that they had recently received millions in corporate tax cuts intended to produce jobs, like most of the major corporations who received this Trump conceived perk, GM didn’t use the money to invest in its workers. Instead, they decided that they would be building their […]