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Christmas is coming (whether you are one of those people who love it or one of those people who hate it, kinda like me) and with that, comes Christmas carols. The same steady flow of seasonal songs, year after year, to get us all jolly and in the seasonal spirit. But what most people don’t […]

Slow Motion, HD Lightning Storm Will Take Your Breath Away

There are few things on Earth that can truly reflect the nature of power more than a lightning storm. Don’t get me wrong, hurricanes and tornadoes can do more damage most of the time, but there is something both scary and awe-inspiring about seeing nature reign down a storm consisting of bolts of pure electricity […]

Bill Gates’ Five Favorite Books for Winter Reading

Did you know Bill Gates has a website where he talks a lot about the things that inspire, influence, and drive him? It is called gatesnotes, and it is a great site to check out now and again for some life advice and wisdom from the man himself. Recently Bill Gates dropped a list on […]

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Staying fit and healthy is what everyone of us always wishes to. If you fail to take care of your health, it will be prone to all sorts of disease and ailments. One of the best ways you can take care of your health and cultivate healthy habits is to through the smartphone apps. How […]