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With roughly 20 days left until Halloween, families are scrabbling to stores across the nation searching for the perfect costume(s) — as well as decorations for the house, and the treats they’ll be handing out to door bell-pressers. However, if you are some of the ill-fated families residing in cities in Virginia … you may […]

The Kardashians Want You To Work For Them, Without Pay And Without Mentorship

Turns out the Kardashians have found a way to let people keep up with them and it involves unpaid labor. Well, technically they call it “unpaid internship” but their job description screams full-time servant work. For real though, apparently, the Kardashians have even put up ads online inviting college students to work for them for […]

Japanese Guy Uses Wiener To Outsmart Greedy Video Game Loot Box

There certainly are plenty of uses for wieners other than food or doing hotdog pranks. We’re talking about the food wiener, not the “other” less wholesome wiener. So if you came for the latter, then I’m sorry to disappoint. Just kidding, I’m not sorry. Anyway, some Japanese guy invented a way to outsmart a game’s […]