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Dogs or Cats, Who are Smarter: We Finally Have the Actual Answer

For a long time there seems to be a divide among people who love dogs or cats. As if one is better, or one of the two animal species are superior. The thing is, you like what you like, regardless of those things. Animals bring joy to our lives, no matter if they purr or […]

Never Fall Asleep During a Classical Music Concert…

Whatever you do, DO NOT FALL ASLEEP during a classical music concert, as one woman learned the hard way after mistakenly slipping into unconsciousness during a performance of Firebird, as composed by Stravinsky and performed by The North State Symphony recently. The best part is, the composition itself lulls the listener into a sense of […]

Science, Hell Yes: This “Liquid Sand” Hot Tub Is Beyond Cool

What you are about to see is called the ‘fluidized bed effect’ by some. It is created by blowing massive amounts of air evenly through huge masses of sand, rendering the sand into an almost liquid-like physical state, as seen here. But below you’ll see NASA engineer Mark Rober filling a hot tub with sand and […]

Magic Johnson gets behind the drive for HIV home testing

It is strange how the media clouds our perceptions. Thirty years ago, phrases like “AIDS epidemic” were being shouted from the rooftops. HIV and AIDS were cutting a swathe through the world, particularly, but by no means exclusively, in the gay community, and anybody could be struck down, as the likes of Rock Hudson, Freddie […]