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R.I.P. Stephen Hawking: Here’s One of the Best Things He Ever Said

As many of you have probably heard, Stephen Hawking has passed on (MANY years he longer than he was told he would live) and everyone is broken up about it. His mind is so brilliant, he could think on levels outside out many of our basic level of understanding. From thermodynamics and the solar system […]

US Will Have President For Life As Trump Suggests, But It Will Be Jonathan Taylor Thomas

After Chinese President Xi Jinping announced his intention to remain President For Life, Donald Trump got a brilliant idea. Behind closed doors, he made a comment to a roomful of donors. “I think it’s great,” said Trump, regarding’s Xi transition into dictatorship. “Maybe we’ll want to give that a shot someday.” Reportedly, the room laughed. […]

Blasting Off to Join the “Space Force”

Yesterday, Trump proudly announced that he wanted to form a “Space Force,” presumably to defend the galaxy from an incoming extra-terrestrial threat. I personally welcome the imminent arrival of orbital defense platforms, faster-than-light space travel and Star Trek replicators. I know that I’ll be signing up for the super-rad Space Force as soon as I […]

He’s Loco: Tijuana Laughing in Trump’s Face at Border Wall Prototypes

Wow, so Trump is really sticking with this “build a giant wall to keep people out even though we are supposed to be the land of opportunity” shtick (even though he comes from a line of literal immigrants, by the way)? Crazy, that whole thing seemed like a bad dream from a year ago, but […]