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Nurse Looks Like ‘Elephant Man’ After Botched Lip Job [Photo]

A young mother is warning the internet against lip filler treatment after she says a botched job left her looking like the ‘Elephant Man‘. Billie Roocroft, seen above, had never been fulfilled with her thin lips and after viewing celebrities swank their own, she elected to go for a ‘fuller’ look. She claims the $94 […]

Father Makes 10-year-old Daughter Walk To School 5 Miles As Punishment

Raising a child to be a proper human is never an easy task. It takes a village to raise those humanlings, after all. When they do misbehave, one would expect for them to be aware of the consequences. One dad thought of a perfect punishment for his daughter; by making her walk to school five […]

PHOTO: Lone Abandoned Baby Penguin Experiences Good Side Of Humans

If you ever thought that human beings can get rather inhumane to their young, you probably have never seen how some wild animals treat their babies. Often, nature’s infants are baptized in fire so as to make them tough; survival of the fittest is the only and all. However, one abandoned baby penguin experiences kindness […]

How to Protect Yourself When Buying a Used Smartphone

For people looking to upgrade their smartphones, buying a brand-new one is always the most desired option. But to counter economic challenges, a used smartphone is just as good if you know what, how, and where to look for one. A lot of these transactions are now done online, unless you’re buying from a friend […]