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Coming Soon: Amazon Will Be Delivering Five Guys, Chipotle, and Even Denny’s Food

It is like all my greatest dreams AND nightmares becoming real at the same time. On one hand, I have a BRAND NEW Amazon distribution center in my city ten minutes from my house, which means the “coming soon” food delivery service that Amazon now promises to deliver, featuring ‘freshly made fast-food” delivered to us […]

The Most Brazen Home Break In Videos on YouTube

We live in a world where even our social media activity can make us a target for burglars. Whenever a burglar knows there’s an empty house he (or she) sees a great big bulls-eye. Whether it’s from a check-in somewhere on your social media account or from an obituary notice thieves are nothing if not […]

10 Surprising Facts About Cloud Computing and What It Really Is

Cloud computing has quickly found itself sitting at the big boy table, after being known as one of the new trendy kids on the block. Through the use of cloud computing businesses of all sizes are now able to accelerate and scale at faster rates than ever before, while also having the ability to lower […]

You Are Living in a Simulation and Do Not Actually Exist (Potentially)

I have followed simulation theory for a long time now. We are all 0’s and 1’s, binary code living inside a simulation who have no idea they are A.I. Okay, so this may not be science fact, but it is gaining more and more traction in the science community for just how logical it is […]