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Doing something like this would give most people nightmares, real talk. The idea of taking your kayak into and through an old, abandoned ship that is still floating, like some sort of time capsule, is pretty damn spooky (but alluring in many ways as well). The name of the wreck is The Evangelia and it […]

3D Crosswalk: Stuff of Genius (or) Troll level 9000

I see this 3D crosswalk in Iceland and I ask myself two things. One, will that be effective? The answer to that is yes. Yes it will. People will CERTAINLY slow down if they think there are hovering tetris blocks in the road. My next question is, are these things counterproductive? Rumor is some people […]

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Watch In Awe As This Basic Subaru Truck Climbs This Insane Sandhill

There are competitions held all over the world, all the time, and their sole feature is to see if certain trucks can climb up sand hills that essentially go straight up, almost at a 90 degree angle. While under normal circumstances it can be impressive to see a truck climb one of these, most of […]