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I Just Found The Greatest News Anchor Who Ever Lived, Bask in His Majesty

“Do you get a tax break if you are married to yourself?” It is both a simple question, a stupid question and a genius question, all at once, somehow. And it is spoken on live TV news by an anchor named Trevor Ault, who seemingly tosses the pre-written script aside and actually just kind of […]

Donald Trump’s Worst Fashion Choices Over The Years

Donald Trump could have been born in a suit. Even before he managed to snag the role as president, it was unusual not to see him in one, so on those rare occasions that he’s caught in something different it’s like getting an unexpected glimpse of Big Foot. Joan Rivers would have had a fit over some of […]

Why Paul Ryan’s Resignation May Spell Doom for Trump Administration

It has been long-rumored that U.S house speaker Paul Ryan was leaving his position so when it was officially announced that Ryan was not seeking re-election, not too many people were surprised. He has clearly stated that he has no interest in running again and will not accept a nomination. While Paul Ryan himself has […]

Paging Professor Negan: Pennsylvania Is Arming Teachers With Baseball Bats Now

We literally posted an article three weeks back or so about how Pennsylvania school districts were arming teachers AND students with, I kid you not, “buckets of rocks” in the wake of all the school shootings. It was a foolish idea that would have backfired and turned into giant rock fights among students and teachers […]