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It’s been a tough week in France, and we can’t overstate it. Folks in the land of brie and striped shirts are literally rioting through the city, which is the kind of thing you only see on the television news at the beginning of an apocalypse film. It turns out that the French are suddenly […]

Florida Woman Farts Then Pulls Knife On Man Who Complained

Farts are deadly things; friendships and even relationships get ruined because of those. Heck, one animal even uses farts as a weapon and their species has been successful in nature so far. As for human beings and their dangerous farts, anyone who’s ever been in enclosed public spaces will know how violent a fart can get. One […]

Melania’s Christmas Decor Is Creepy And The Internet Is Loving It

Holiday decorations are usually bright, sparkly, and colorful. They’re designed to evoke feelings of joy and happiness, but Melania Trump seems to have missed that memo. This year’s Christmas decor at the White House looks like something straight out of a horror movie and evokes nothing but fear and uneasiness. What makes the chosen holiday designs […]