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Millennial Pink Chocolate Is A Thing That Actually Exists

There are many classes of flavor to choose from when picking a chocolate. Some people like the smooth, creaminess of white chocolate, while others prefer the bittersweet bite of dark. Well, sorry to suddenly confuse you, but there is a new chocolate now. Pink chocolate (or Ruby chocolate). And no, the name isn’t just based […]

What Does Your Favorite Emoji Mean Around the World?

Emojis are used around the world to express emotion using quirky yellow faces and fun symbols and figures. Although it’s assumed that the person on the receiving end of your text message understands what you mean when you send your favorite emoji, a recent report by might suggest otherwise. The analysts at recently […]

Man Crushed by Giant 600 lb Ball in Fake Bull Run, Probably Dead

Personally, we respect the shit out of this (not the crushing part but the not using actual bulls part). Bull runs may seem fun but few Americans seem to understand, the bulls are gored to death at the end, regardless of how it goes. It is a sad and archaic tradition, and as a result […]