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Why Every Business Should Use Social Media

Even the most social media-reluctant businesses have admitted that sites like Facebook and Instagram are not passing fads; they’re here to stay. Not only that, more social media sites are popping up each day. If you want your business to succeed for years to come, social media integration is a must. When you combine your […]

5 Social Networking Sites and Apps Started by College Students

Have a startup idea for a networking app or site but feel like you need to wait until graduation to develop it? These students didn’t! While their peers were getting bored at classes, struggling to write an essay, or having fun at parties, these creative minds were changing the way we communicate. Take a look […]

From A Galaxy Far, Far Away: The Last Jedi Review (Spoiler Free)

The Last Jedi is dropping this week and all of pop culture is in a fervor, still having to wait a few days until they can see the final product for themselves. Luckily, we got our hands on this Last Jedi review from IGN and it remains fairly spoiler free for the most part, so […]

10 Essential Social Media Apps for College Students Living on Campus

College is an exciting time of any student’s life. One moves from the cocoon of home and spreads his or her wings into life. It brings in new experiences and so much more! The newly found freedom comes with a healthy dose of responsibility while the unbridled fun is punctuated with quizzes, exams and assignments. […]

Indiana Jones Major Toht Candle: You Can Finally Melt Your Own Nazi

The moment when Gestapo Nazi agent, Major Toht has his face melted off in the original Indiana Jones was such an iconic scene, it is one of the reasons we have PG-13 movies now. And come on, with all the hate-mongering in the world right now, WHO DOESN’T wanna melt their very own Nazi? Well, […]

Seeing This Sheet of Glass Get Made Into An Instant Mirror Is Stunning

The main chemical used is called Silver Nitrate, and here we see it poured over a piece of plain, old, regular glass, pretty much instantaneously making it into a mirror. There is something wholly surreal about watching a huge piece of glass get turned into a massive mirror using only a simple chemical wash with […]

Yotpo Garners $50M in Round D Series, Bringing Total Funding to $101M

The social media space has never been more crucial for online businesses. Whether you like it or not, the integrity of your brand is at the mercy of the social community’s collective voice. And if you want to earn your audiences’ trust, then you need to establish social proof that your business is worthy of […]

This Woman’s Reaction To Her Own Arrest For Public Smoking Is Hilarious

The rules seem pretty simple. No smoking in some public places. It may suck for smokers, but luckily, there are still plenty of places that they can smoke, so it is not like they are being denied the act completely. Regardless of that simple rule, there are still people who break it and seem to […]