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American Man Kidnapped By Taliban Freed, Doesn’t Believe Trump is President

In the Kubler-Ross stages of dealing with death and loss, denial IS the first step, and it seems that is just what one American soldier and his wife who were being held by the Taliban felt when they found out who the president was. They LITERALLY thought someone was messing with them because even to […]

6 Tips to Avoid Social Media Embarrassment

I have a client who recently told me that he had set up 2 different Facebook accounts. After some clarification, I realised he didn’t mean a personal profile and a business page. He meant 2 completely different personal pages as well as the business page. To me, this is overkill. In his case, apparently, there […]

Man Decides To Hitchhike From Seattle to NYC and Lives To Tell About It

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, there were some real concerns around the dangers of hitchhiking. From the threat of being picked up and murdered by strangers to the idea that it is just as unsafe for the driver (because how can you know the type of person you are letting in your car), […]

5 Ways to Engage More Viewers with Social Media Videos

Videos have become a fixture on social media, and more people watch more hours of videos consistently with every passing year. Brands have quickly caught on to the benefits of videos, and one in particular has driven them to wholeheartedly embrace videos: Engagement. The fact that videos are able to provide higher engagement levels that […]

This Little Girl’s Reaction Sums Up How We All Felt About Homework

Do you remember the first time you found out that school came with homework? It was devastating news, but a memory most of us buried. Well, for one little girl, she will always remember her first homework rant because thankfully, it’s the internet age and people film everything. This girl’s reaction to homework has been […]

New Banksy Murals at the Barbican Explained on Instagram

Few artists make quite the international splash that Banksy does every time he pops up and leaves a work of art behind. Recently at the Barbican, he left two pieces to celebrate a showing of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s works. The Barbican is an arts and learning center in London. Even though Banksy is anonymous, he’s made […]