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Top 5 Social Media Strategies to Strengthen Your Brand

Social media is the biggest platform for building a brand for any business. One of the major reasons for it is an extremely large community who can better be segregated according to their tastes and preferences. Additionally, the large majority of social media channels allow everything that is engaging an average customer from interesting business […]

6 More Women Come Forward Claiming Donald ‘Trumped’ Them

The recent Stormy Daniels allegations against Donald Trump have opened a floodgate (get it, storms makes floods? It is quite witty, really) for other woman-folk to step forward, claiming they TOO were Donald Trumped. What this means for those of you who don’t know is, being Trumped is code for: I had sex with the […]

Police Chief Shoots Three Students by Mistake While Teaching About Hand Gun Safety

Really, you literally just got the entire gist of this article in that simple title. It tells you all you need to know. In attempting to teach kids about the safety of guns, his gun “accidentally” discharged injuring THREE students. How he even pulled that off sounds more like an action movie or the Kennedy […]

US Will Have President For Life As Trump Suggests, But It Will Be Jonathan Taylor Thomas

After Chinese President Xi Jinping announced his intention to remain President For Life, Donald Trump got a brilliant idea. Behind closed doors, he made a comment to a roomful of donors. “I think it’s great,” said Trump, regarding’s Xi transition into dictatorship. “Maybe we’ll want to give that a shot someday.” Reportedly, the room laughed. […]

WOW! Ben Carson’s $31,000 Table Was Used By Jesus During The Last Supper

When news broke out two weeks ago that Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson purchased a $31,000 dining set, everyone had the same question. What kind of dining set is this, and how could it possibly be so expensive? Then, everyone wondered how someone who opposes basic social welfare programs could justify such […]

Celebrities Who Are Hardly Devastated To Be Blocked By Trump On Twitter

Just when we start to think POTUS couldn’t possibly prove his lack of intelligence any further, he goes on Twitter. Trump is the first president to spend most of his time in office recklessly tweeting shade over social media, that is unless Obama had an anonymous Twitter handle no one knew about. When he’s not […]