#ObamasNextPromotion Is TCOT’s Answer To Rice Appointment


Over on Twitter, #ObamasNextPromotion is trending, with conservatives reacting to the appointment of Susan Rice to the position of National Security Adviser.

You see, Susan Rice inspired the #ObamasNextPromotion hashtag by being essentially blocked from Senate confirmation for the position of Secretary of State due to her link with the Benghazi commotion.

Liberals this morning had a field day with the news as conservatives raged under the #tcot hashtag about the appointment of Rice, which does not (by the way) require the Senate’s confirmation.

Tonight, the #ObamasNextPromotion hashtag is a bit of GOP response humor, with tweeters tweeting:

As the #ObamasNextPromotion hashtag trended, as always, some people didn’t get the joke:

Did you find the #ObamasNextPromotion hashtag funny?



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