Rihanna Visits Coco Chanel’s Apartment, Shares Photos From Her ‘Legendary Day In Paris’


Rihanna got to live out every fashion lover’s dream this weekend when she got the keys to Coco Chanel’s Paris apartment.

The singer spent the day touring the designer’s home at 31 Rue Cambon and posted several photos to Instagram.

The field trip made plenty of fashionistas jealous but it also re-sparked rumors about Rihanna becoming the new face of Chanel. Rihanna posted a photo of Chanel jewelry on Twitter earlier this year with the message: “And that’s a #wrap on my shoot for my new #topsecret ad campaign!!! #2013.”

People assumed that the “top secret ad campaign” was for Chanel but the company denied the rumor. Well, it looks like Channel is going to have to issue another statement because it definitely seems like Rihanna is making herself at home at Coco’s apartment.

Here are some photos from Rihanna’s “Most Legendary Day” in Paris.

[Images Via Instagram]



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