High School Football Star Elijah Hood Flushes His Recruiting Letter On Vine

University Of Alabama Recruiting Letter

Football star Elijah Hood let his feelings about the University of Alabama be known by flushing his recruiting letter from the school down the toilet. Literally, by the way.

Although this wouldn’t have been an issue had he done it in the privacy of his own home, Hood decided to share a video of the incident on Vine. It didn’t take long for the clip and the hashtag #RollToilet to go viral.

The Charlotte, North Carolina high school student has already committed to Notre Dame. Since he wasn’t interested in getting any more letters from the Crimson Tide, he let them know by showing the school what he thought of their recruiting letters. Some thought it was funny, others not so much.

Not surprisingly, Elijah Hood was soon contacted by his high school coach and told to remove the Vine video. He also made some apologies and tried to take the focus off the fact that he had essentially disrespected the University of Alabama. All of this might come back to haunt him on the field.

While the original Vine video has been removed from the internet, a version of it still exists on YouTube. You can check out the video below, as well as several tweets Hood made during the whole fiasco.

Hood continues to apologize, but wonders if it will do any good.

That awkward moment of silence after a difficult apology.

And, last but certainly not least, the infamous video.

What do you think about Elijah Hood flushing his University of Alabama recruiting letter down the toilet? Do you believe he was being disrespectful by posting the video on Vine?

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