Paris Jackson May Have Hinted At Suicide Attempt On Twitter

Paris Jackson Tweets ahead of apparent suicide attempt

Paris Jackson, the daughter of deceased singer Michael Jackson, was rushed to a local hospital early Wednesday morning.

TMZ is reporting that Paris may have attempted to commit suicide. A 911 call placed at approximately 2 AM revealed that Paris Jackson may have been the victim of a possible overdose. One source even claims that there were cuts on one of Jackson’ wrists.

While it is being reported that Paris Jackson is doing “OK” the entire situation may have been avoided if more was read into her last few Twitter messages.

On Twitter Jackson posted:

Right after that tweet Paris Jackson wrote:

We aren’t going to jump to conclusions and draw too much from those tweets but Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks frequented by teens have often been used as a cry for help. While many pleas are not as subtle as others, they are none the less a cry for help.

Speaking to Reuters Jackson’s mother Debbie Rowe admits that Paris has “had a lot going on.”

Consider this more of a public service announcement, if you see your kids posting strange tweets on Twitter or wall posts on Facebook that might be a good time to sit down for a talk.

[Image via ABC News Radio]


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  1. Poor girl, it's so sad, I really hope she pulls through and gets all the love and support she needs:(