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BBM Fueling London Riots

In February, Twitter helped fuel the Egyptian revolution. But what’s the social media platform of choice when your intentions are less than pristine? You’d need a network that could reach the masses but one that wasn’t exposed to the public eye of the law. The riots in London, which have been going on for the […]

Twitter Announces HTML5 iPad Website

Twitter on Wednesday began rolling out a new HTML5-based version of the Twitter.com website for iPad users. The new site which is based solely off HTML5 standards and utilizes the iPad touch screen and offers a two column look which makes browsing on tablet devices a far more enjoyable experience compared to the typical Twitter.com […]

Facebook Vs. Google+ [Infographic War]

While Google+ may have attracted 25+ million users during the first month of existence, Facebook is still the reigning champion of social media with more than 750 million active users. However, the two platforms are vastly different in who they serve, for example 58.95% of users at Google+ work in software development or engineering, while […]

Nearly Three of Four Execs Lack Social Media Strategy

Social media is a big business now- without a presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter and several others depending on industry, companies stand to lose a lot of customer engagement opportunity as well as the ability to provide comprehensive customer support. Given the pervasive nature of social media in business, one might think that it […]