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[Social Law] Another Facebook Feud Moves to Real Life, Gets Stabby

Two teens were involved in a Facebook fracas that turned violent, with one hospitalized due to a serious stab wound and the other in handcuffs. The stabbing occurred back on February 28th, after a long Facebook kerfuffle between the two teen girls. Both teens are protected by juvenile offender laws in Canada, so their names […]

Dexter Slice of Life Brings Killing to Facebook, Officially Arrives In September

Facebook has some unsolved murder cases on their hands, but don’t worry the sites serial killers are about to get a taste of their own medicine when users log onto Dexter Slice of Life a new Showtime sponsored game that allows users to step into Dexter’s shoes. The game was first shown off at Comic-Con […]

Facebook Commenting System Adds Photo, Video and Link Previews

Facebook on Thursday rolled out a more rich commenting system by adding the ability to share videos, photos and links with website preview information. In the past a preview of links was only displayed when a user was creating a status update, now when a user inputs a YouTube URL, the URL to a photo […]

Google+ iPhone App Review [Walkthrough and Screencasts]

Google+ less than one month after launching has announced an iPhone app that brings the sites most popular features to the masses including Circles, Huddles, Streams and Photo sharing. In this review I take a quick look at the apps most popular features with screenshots showing off the programs capabilities. After clicking on the “Get […]