Paula Deen Issues Racism Apology Video, Takes It Down Immediately [Video]

Paula Deen apology

Paula Deen rocked the Internet this week after a National Enquirer story alleged that the celebrity chef had said some fairly racist things in a lawsuit deposition.

The details are kind of boring, but the things Deen was quoted as saying were pretty bizarre. Not only did she flippantly admit to having used the “N-word,” she also shared an idea that involved an all-black waitstaff at a plush event, which when you think about it is somehow worse.

Anyway, the Enquirer is a well-known tabloid trucking in exaggerations, half-truths and outright lies, but they actually have broken major scandals before. No one really knew what to make of Deen’s comments because they just seemed so outlandish, but as it turns out, the Enquirer actually knocked it out of the park this time.

It’s all true, and a matter of public record.

Things have since fallen apart for Deen, as the Food Network has decided not to renew her contract, putting her out of the job. She was also scheduled to appear on the TODAY show Friday to clear up all of this racism business, but bailed last minute, earning the ire of Matt Lauer (who was probably just excited that he wasn’t the target today).

That’s all background, here’s the story:

Paula Deen posted three short apology videos to YouTube on Friday. Previously, she released statements on the subject through her representatives, but opted for a more personal appeal as the week comes to a close (either that or her people have bailed).

In the first video, she simply apologized for her racist comments. In the second, she explained why she did not show up on TODAY. The third was a short apology to Matt Lauer. From reports, each video appeared to be edited versions of the same, prime video.

And they were all removed from YouTube after they were posted.

Normally, using social media and sites like YouTube to communicate directly with your audience is laudable. Avoid talking to the press and the gossip mags, and you look just a little bit more honest, and willing to go to the source instead of allowing yourself to be edited and sensationalized.

Further, there’s the money angle. Whole careers are made from a press blitz. Remember Kanye West’s Canadian model mistress, who claimed that Ye had cheated on a pregnant Kim Kardashian with her, only to take it back a week later? She was paid handsomely for all of that.

So Paula Deen reaching out on YouTube to offer a heartfelt apology for her hurtful, racist comments would normally be something we’d commend her for … except she deleted all of the videos. And quickly.

Nothing is worse than finally copping to the fact that you were wrong, and then taking it back.

Here’s a bootlegged version of Paula Deen’s racism apology. Do you buy it, or do you think the queen of comfort cooking’s career is over?

[iframe src=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]

Here’s another, which might be the newest and separate from what was reported on above:

[iframe src=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]

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