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Twitter Reaches 200 Million Users In 5 Years [Infographic]

In July of 2006 Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey opened up his micro-blogging service to the general public and since that time the site has experienced tremendous growth, now reaching out to more than 200 million users. Among the sites biggest milestones? 350 billion Tweets are sent each day while site numbers grew by more than […]

Google+ Sees Rapid Growth, Surpasses One Billion Content Shares Per Day

If you’re not on Google+ at the moment you probably know someone who is and that person is more than likely sharing a lot of content with the service. While Google+ still has a far way to go in catching up to Facebook’s 750 million users the company’s 25 million early adopters are sharing more […]

[Social Petworking] One in 10 British Pets Have a Social Media Account

Have you witnessed the phenomenon of social “petworking?” Apparently, it’s pretty common. So common, in fact, that 10% of pets in the UK have social network accounts of their very own, ostensibly to keep up with the family and friends of their owners. However, the study was commissioned by animal insurer PetPlan, so the results […]

[Social Lawsuits] Woman Sues Facebook Boyfriend For $9K After Romance Sours

Torts that spring from romantic relationships are nothing new- the first civil suit for romantic insult probably happened right around the time the first courtroom opened its doors. But Michigan state single mom Cheryl Gray is suing for damages allegedly visited upon her by a Facebook boyfriend, which ventures into the emerging realm of social […]