Horror House Draws Flak For Subjecting Customers To Mock Rape

Horror House
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It may be understandable to want to scare people because Halloween is nigh, but often there is a thin line between scaring and traumatizing that needs to be observed. The usual jump sacres should be safe enough and this is what a lot of horror houses employ. However, one horror house in Ohio may have taken things too far after their customers started complaining of experiencing mock rape as a scare tactic.

The Akron Fright Fest, which is the name for a mock haunted house complex in Akron Ohio is unlike any other. Unlike another traumatizing horror house, the Akron Fright Fest does not make its customers sign a waiver. However, it would seem that they should have since several customers have raised complaints toward the said Halloween business because of several mock rape allegations.

One unnamed Facebook user and alleged customer of the horror house even sent a private message to a local news outlet saying, “They grabbed my ankles and shins and pulled my legs apart and was thrusting while telling me to scream papa.” That was perhaps one of the worst scenarios. Meanwhile, a similar thing happened to Ryan Carr where a man in a mask pushed him down and started thrusting despite Ryan’s girlfriend being there with him.

Others also confirmed that one of the houses in the Akron Fright Fest did have a rape scene. The manager of the establishment has since told the media that the problem has been dealt with and the employees responsible for the traumatic mock rape have been suspended. Hopefully, none of the people they subjected to their mock rape had been actual rape and assault victims.

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