This Is Not A Fish Tale: Horror Aquarium Is Now Open In Japan

horror aquarium
Photo by Nualgi Aquarium

There is something fishy going on in Japan right now and it is not the sushi. Every year, the Japanese always make sure that Halloween is special and can be remembered by a lot of people, one might even think that they love it more than Christmas. Of course, this preparation for Halloween also gets reflected in businesses where a popular aquarium has turned itself into a horror house for the upcoming day of the dead.

In Sunshine City, Tokyo, Japan, there exists Sunshine Aquarium, which is a large complex full of sea creatures. As with any large city aquarium, the place is darkly lit and has lots of corridors for maximum viewing of the fishes. That is probably why they decided that it is the perfect place to turn into a horror house, as if having ichthyophobia was not enough already.

In fact, this tradition for the aquarium first began just two years ago. Ever since then, Sunshine Aquarium has been upping the ante. Every year, there is a new ghostly flavor for Halloween based on various Japanese maritime urban legends. This year, it is the Horror Aquarium: The Seven Misaki.

Legend has it, the Seven Misaki is a group of seven cursed spirits that appear in coastal areas. An encounter with them is a guaranteed death by high fever. The death of a person causes one of the seven to rest in peace, however, anyone who dies because of them will replace one of the spirits, meaning there will always be seven. Given they are Japanese spirits, they will probably look creepily familiar, dirty long hair and all. So, is the Sunshine Horror Aquarium enough to scare the fishes? Feel free discuss below in the comments.

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