Articles written by Natividad Sidlangan

Gun Bless You: South Korean Christian Cult In The US Exists And Worships Guns

Well what do you know, power does grow out of a barrel of a gun. Political power? Sure. How about religious power? Well, one Christian cult residing in the US has an answer to that, as the said group incorporates AR-15 rifles and bullet crowns among their bibles and church robes. The said group calls […]

Doggie Treats: You Can Now Invite Some Shelter Dogs Over For Thanksgiving

There is a lot to be thankful for this upcoming Thanksgiving apart from all the delicious things you could expect in said holiday. After all, Thanksgiving is all about generosity more than anything else. So why not be extra generous not just to humans but to other species as well? That is what’s happening in […]

Darts Championship Match Perturbed By Fart, Chaos Ensues As Players Accuse Each Other

The human digestive tract is a strange beast when it comes to extreme physical moments. In particular, one’s bowels can prove hard to control when under extreme pressures. Athletes in their finest sports moments are certainly not exempted from this. In fact, a recent darts championship even came under a controversial spotlight when the players […]

Wife’s Oppressive List Of Husband Rules Goes Viral, Can You Handle It?

For a lot of people, marriage is up there in their bucket list of milestones in life. After all, having someone to spend the rest of your life with no matter what is quite an achievement. Unfortunately, there are others who have a different view of what a marriage or even a relationship should be. […]

Neck Or Nothing: Arrested Fugitive Goes Viral For His Inhumanly Large…

Every once in a while, the internet would go abuzz with mugshots of arrested criminals because why not? Some of them can be downright bizarre to the point of being entertaining. Others are actually quite interesting. Hence, we have yet another mugshot from a captured fugitive which is making the internet up to its neck […]

Japanese Cat Speaks In Tongues, Threatens Owner With Demonic Possession

A long time ago, someone decided to domesticate the narcissistic hellspawn creatures we know only today as… cats. It might have been a big mistake for humanity since cats are constantly plotting the end of human beings, but who could resist those marble eyes and furry meows? Still, proof exists that cats are up to no good […]