Articles written by Natividad Sidlangan

Milk Made Of Insect Is Out Now And Can Save The Earth, Will You Drink It?

Here’s a shocking fact to shake you off your comfort zone: human beings facing a food problem. Food supplies are not getting any better and the population still keeps on growing. Of course, there are solutions for this, like GMO food (“thanks” Monsanto), but those are harmful and are really not healthy. Because of this, […]

Girl’s Genetic Disorder Gives Her Big Beautiful Doll Eyes

More often than not, genetic or birth defects are very negative and are generally unwanted by parents or everyone else. It is also rather unfortunate and cruel that babies have to endure this sort of genetic roulette. Most of them will have to carry those like crucifixes throughout their lives. Not all genetic disorders are […]

‘Hitler’ Is Back And Is Running For Mayor In Peru Against ‘Lennin’

The second world war was the darkest period in human history, all due to one emo named Adolf Hitler. Because of him, millions of innocent people died, oh, and anyone who shares the same surname as him will probably be ashamed from the moment they were born. However, one man named Hitler in Peru does […]

Scientists Give Ecstasy To Octopus; Turns Antisocial Beast Into Party Animal

That last Disney movie about a mentally dysfunctional fish voiced by Ellen DeGeneres has certainly made its point about how smart an octopus is. They can even do LEGOs and solve some complex puzzles, also possibly qualify for SAT and an Ivy League scholarship, kidding, of course. The fact of the matter is, they are […]

Curiosity Rover Allegedly Finds Bottle On Mars; Drives UFO Watcher Crazy

Ever since people began seeing strange objects across the sky, different imaginations about otherworldly life forms have emerged. More so after the first man was sent to space and the moon. Since then, people have often wondered what life would be like for other creatures that may have existed in their own planets. So when […]

Spider Sex Party Covers Greek Town With Huge Blanket Of Webs

There are times when one might wonder what the hell was nature up to when they invented the scary nope creatures we know today as spiders. These guys range from friendly, or sometimes even tiny cute wall jumpers to black demon spawns which kill their husbands after mating. Just when you thought you these guys […]

Need Company? This Video Chat Site Has Made A Lot Of People Happy

Nowadays, people are really busy and they don’t usually have much time for going out or searching for new people to get acquainted with. However, lack of time is not the reason why you should stop looking for new friends or a soulmate. The Internet makes it possible for users to easily make new friends […]

Extremely Rare Pink Hippo Is Both A Beauty And A Tragedy Of Nature

Despite all the achievements and accolades of the human race in the field of art, nature still remains as the best artist ever. It is capable of creating the most beautiful designs, some by mistake, and some intentionally. That sort of art just can’t be beaten, and just when you thought that you have seen […]