To Achieve Immortality, Australians Are Freezing Their Brains


Zaniness is taking place in ‘the land down under’.

Australia has an estimated population of nearly 25 million people. Among these individuals, a few were chosen to have their brains frozen.

Gerald and Dorothy Rhoades; Photo: Twitter

One particular case garnered attention, after Philip Rhoades’ parents perished within 10 days of one another, there were queries still of what would be done with their neurological remains.

Both of his parents, scientists, had their brains kept on ice instantly after they died. The future hope is, that their brain tissue will sustain and be awakened later. This will permit them to live in a virtual-reality type nature.

Finally, their brains on ice are set to be nestled away at the Neural Archives Foundation.

Well, something like that; Photo: Gifer

This project in specific, consists of nine various scientific brains, that were selected to be preserved.

Take this in, as a way to keep their brains intact enough – to be resuscitated later, when technology catches up.

In the meantime, they will be stored in a time capsule of sorts. Institutions like this do exist around the world (in unique locations) such as The United States and Russia.

Brains are so cool … pun intended; Photo: Tumblr

“When you freeze a brain, it’s basically just human tissue and you can use any commercial cryogenic storage facility,” Philip Rhoades’ noted.

These designated brains, will be a part of a historical repository of kinds. Meanwhile, cryonics companies have been mainly enclosed to where they can be erected and how many persons will be housed.

Aside from Australian brains, there are a number of celebrities too that have been stowed in cryogenic type chambers with the hope to be revived one day.

Vanilla Ice, included; Photo: Imgur


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