Mom With Halloween Phobia Will to Pay $65 an Hour For Someone to Take Her Kids Trick or Treating

Mom With Halloween Phobia is Willing to Pay $65 an Hour For Someone to Take Her Kids Trick or Treating

There’s been some strange requests on British website lately. From the desperate mom in search of a housekeeper to teach her lazy family to do chores, to the parents looking for a nanny to help raise their son “like the Victorians,” there’s plenty of moms and dads using the site in ways you wouldn’t expect.

Still, this latest unusual request from a mother in the UK is actually really endearing. The concerned user is in need of a childcare professional to take her kids trick or treating this Halloween, because she’s too scared to do it herself.

In her ad, the mom-of-three explains that she suffers from severe social anxiety, but doesn’t want her children to miss out on all the spooky fun. She’s even willing to pay the candidate £50 ($65) an hour to help her kids put on their costumes and to walk them around the neighborhood.

Her post reads: “‘I get very scared at Halloween because of the costumes and speaking to strangers to ask for sweets for the kids.

“I have severe social anxiety and am uncomfortable with trick or treating but I’d like for my kids to experience it. I’d hate for them to miss out on this because of me and having put it off for the last 3 years I feel I can’t anymore.

Mom With Halloween Phobia is Willing to Pay $65 an Hour For Someone to Take Her Kids Trick or Treating

“The kids’ father isn’t in the picture and I no longer speak to any of my family. I’d ask friends but I don’t know many people with children, so they’re not doing trick or treating and are busy on Halloween, as it’s a school night!

“I’d like someone who’s qualified to look after children, have all the right qualifications and be DBS checked.

“If anyone is willing to help me out, I can pay them up to £50 an hour, I would imagine it would only take a couple of hours.

“It would also be useful for the person to come round and help the kids get ready, I hate costumes! So in total, it might take 4 hours of your time.

“I’d like the children home by 8pm at the latest to put the two youngest kids to bed, so ideally, you’d be working from 4pm-8pm.

“Can anyone help me?”

Mom With Halloween Phobia is Willing to Pay $65 an Hour For Someone to Take Her Kids Trick or Treating

Eventually, the ad reached’s founder Richard Conway, who was so touched by her predictament he’s doing all he can to help.

“When I saw this advert put onto the website, I wanted to help the woman instantly. She’s clearly trying to do the best for her children and is more than happy to pay someone to perform this service.

“I got in touch with her to ask how I could help, and promoting this advert seemed like the best way I could help her.

“Hopefully more people will see this advert and be willing to help her and her children out. Children usually love getting dressed up and going out trick or treating, so I’m sure the kids will love it!”

Considering this sounds like the funnest job ever, we can’t imagine it’ll take her too long to find someone!

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