75-Year-Old Bodybuilding Grandma Eats ‘Nude Food Diet’ To Stay Fit

Janice Lorraine is 75 years young and a grandmother of three, from Granville.

Over the past 20 years, she has amassed roughly 23 bodybuilding titles. She began at the age of 55 with Weight Resistance Training because she desired to combat the signs of the aging process.

Bodybuilding grandma simply wants to empower women of all ages; Photo: Facebook

Lorraine embarked on this path after witnessing an elderly woman with mobility problems.

She was convinced that she would remain as active as possible and for her, it implicated training at the gym 3 days a week. On alternative days, she carries out a personal regimen, 5-mile walks included.

In order to sustain the highest level of fitness feasible, she eats ‘natural, nude food’.

Her diet includes fish, salads, sweet potatoes, steak or chicken. Nothing is added and there is no processing, including sauces or condiments. She does permit herself to enjoy a glass of wine when she has dinner and she too consumes a square of sugar-free chocolate that boasts a high cocoa content.

Lorraine says that she feels terrific but along with being strong and fit, she has a higher level of self-esteem. She likes standing out in the world of bodybuilding and altering people’s views of what ‘old’ is suppose to look like.

“My aim is to show what’s possible and to motivate and encourage women of any age, to live the life they want to live and not be bound by traditional stereotypes and roles and the expectations of others.”



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