6 Haunted Hotspots To Visit This Halloween

Haunted Hotspots
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It can be quite sad that there are people who love Christmas more than Halloween. It has been a proven fact by Tim Burton in “The Nightmare Before Christmas” that Halloween is the best, some people seem to agree with him too. As for those who don’t, well, it is up to you to treat them to a haunted hotspot and change their minds about it. After all, when has Christmas ever helped you with your bowel movement and bladder? You ought to pick the best-haunted places in the U.S. too, so here they are, the perfect (or final) six Halloween tourism destinations:

Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia

It was a Revolutionary War battlefield, meaning lots of people died here. There have been reports of a screaming woman, prompting the police to investigate, only to find nothing there. Other than that, the place is also haunted by a faceless man wandering around the fort.

Moon River Brewery, Georgia

Previously a Civil War City Hotel back in 1821, a lot of brawls took place and people were killed here, one was even beaten to death. Hence, nowadays, people in the brewery would often see and feel bottles being thrown around and guests being slapped and pushed by unseen things.

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

Closed down because of alleged extreme solitary confinement punishment and cruel torture of inmates. Visitors would often hear laughing and phantom footsteps in the dark and empty hallways.

Pine Barrens, New Jersey

Legend tells of the 13th child of Deborah Leeds back in 1735. The baby had a goat’s head, leathery wings, and hooves and immediately flew away after being born. It was named the Jersey Devil and to this day, stalks the Pine Barrens area killing livestock and spooking residents.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, West Virginia

An asylum infamous for inhuman treatments of patients. It was forced to close down due to mental healthcare reforms but not before hundreds of patients died due to the extreme conditions and treatment methods of the asylum. Many visitors have reported seeing shadowy figures in the former asylum.

The Stanley Hotel, Colorado

The hotel which inspired Stephen King’s “The Shining” novel. The owners can be frequently felt in the hotel, Mrs. Stanley’s piano plays on its own at certain times of the day and Mr. Stanley appears in photographs despite being long dead. It has been categorized by Paranormal experts as one of the most active ghost sites in the U.S.

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