Horror Hotel Room Now Available In Japan; Are You Brave Enough To Stay There?

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There is always something which makes people keep the lights on at night while sleeping. It could be that monster in the closet (thanks a lot Pixar), supposed home invaders, or that grinning black nun standing behind you. Ha! Made you look. Anyway, Halloween is nearby and just a few months away so Japan, birthplace of creepy crawly horror ladies, has prepared for this quite admirably.

In a placed called Universal Port Hotel located in Universal Studios Japan (USJ), there is one room which is unlike all the others. They are not made for the visitors’ comfort, but rather, for their discomfort. You see, USJ has made quite an effort to redesign some of their rooms into a haunted one. These rooms come with a switch, and using them would guarantee to give you a sleepless night during your stay.

Photo by asp.hotel-story.ne.jp

These switches are aptly named, “Switches – Switch to Terror.” Now, terror is not a word that is used lightly, and USJ promises all manners of creepy and horrific decorations, doodads, and mechanisms to scare the guests. They also appeared to up the ante this time and mixed the regular light switches with the terror switch, so good luck with the lights.

One can only wonder what the hell they did to the bathroom this time… The room runs for ¥10,500 to ¥31,500 (US$94.45 to $283.33) per night and this depends on the occasion as well as how many are staying. Also, anyone below the age of 15 is not allowed, so there goes your chance to have a horror room babysit your children.

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