Twitter Picks Apart Home Alone Plot Holes

Home Alone

No doubt, Home Alone has become an iconic Christmas classic flick, right next to Miracle on 34th Street , The Muppet Christmas Carol, and the contested Nightmare Before Christmas. And how can it not be? All those ingenious traps envisioned by Kevin McAllister (payed by none other than Macaulay Culkin) in a bid to protect the house and save Christmas.

However, Home Alone‘s audience has all grown up. Much as we love this barrel of fun, we do notice some glaring plot holes huge enough for Santa to drive his sleigh and reindeer through. Check out these tweets.

Case in point. Has no one ever really wondered what Kevin’s folks did for a living? Anyone?

Because, you know, that would just wouldn’t be fun. Boo, safety and social responsibility.

Yyyeah, don’t mind the other great loot in the house. Those VCRs must be worth a fortune! A fortune, I say!

Don’t you just hate it when that happens? And they do this to a kid too! Tsk tsk tsk, #SMH.

And when your mom gives you rules to abide by, thieves or none, you abide by them. HARD.

And then there’s that old bloke.

And if it happened in the Aughts? BAM, done, everyone go home, show’s over.


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