Articles written by Meagan Freeman

How Much Is Jack Sparrow Really Worth?

Everyone’s favorite pirate, Jack Sparrow is back for another Pirates of Caribbean installment. As the newest film gets ready to hit theaters, our friends and jewelry specialists, F. Hinds is taking a look at how much Jack Sparrow and all his jewels are really worth. Captain Jack Sparrow’s jewelry has been revealed to be worth […]

3 Startups That Are Doing Social Media “Right”

An effective start up company realizes the potential of social media marketing. While large corporations can spend vast amounts of money on advertising and marketing, small start ups have to find ways to creatively reach customers. Social media is the perfect avenue: affordable and accessible. However, being successful on social media can be a hit […]

This Bully Chose The Wrong Person To Mess With [Video]

Bullying has become a hot topic in schools. In fact, we have seen record number of bullying instances taking place recently. Bully usually pick someone who is they think is weaker than them. Well, this bully picked the wrong kid to mess with and his mistake was recorded for everyone to see. This video shows […]

Sparkly Unicorn Nipple Patches: Another Head Scratching Trend

Unicorns seem to be the big fad these days. Drinks, desserts, clothing… where will the madness end? Apparently, not anywhere in the near future. The newest unicorn fad to hit the market: sparkly nipple patches. We are as confused as you are… Marketed as “magical unicorn nipple pasties,” we aren’t sure exactly what the retailer, […]

Infamous Fyre Festival Cancelled, Rich Kids Stranded

You probably remember us covering the announcement of the upcoming Fyre Festival. Instagram posts featuring supermodels like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner promised a weekend of luxury and entertainment with some of the best names in music. The festival was a not-to-be-missed event. However, the party of the year has been cancelled, stranded tons of […]

#EdBallsDay: How A Twitter Fail Become A Viral Holiday

You’ve probably seen a mention of #EdBallsDay on social media, but many of you might not know the origins of such a strange viral trend. A little background information should help you understand a little better. Mashable explains that Ed Balls “is a British politician who was a Labour MP for 10 years. He also […]

New Study Reveals The Science Of Nosey Neighbors

Most of us have that one neighbor that seems way too concerned with everyone else’s business. You know the type, they know everything about everyone in the neighborhood. We know nosey neighbors exists, but one study shows us just how nosey they can be, especially when you put your house up for sale. That for […]

Lifelike Robot Sophia Is ‘The Future’ (And A Little Creepy)

Could robots one day walk among us? Many scientists believe so. Actually, it might be sooner than we thought. Meet Sophia, the robot. Created by American robotics expert, David Hanson, this lifelike creation uses artificial intelligence to carry on conversations. Using the cameras in her eyes, Sophia can decipher faces and comprehend facial expressions, as […]