The Entire NZ Is Doing a Secret Santa


You know whena country is pretty awesome? It’s when they have a nation-wide Secret Santa everyone’s excited to participate in.

A long time ago in the merry, ever-clear land of New Zealand an enterprising, spirited fellow named  Sam Elton-Waters thought what a grand idea it would be if everyone in the country aimed to exchange presents and good cheer through a massive gift-giving network, and thus the nation-wide Secret Santa began. It is now run by the New Zealand Post, this endeavor is made possible by Twitter and throngs of enthusiastic giftees and gift-givers.

The rules are simple: sign up, get matched with a another random Twitter user, and do some light stalking to figure out what kind of gift they might enjoy. Simple, yes?

They’ll next send the gift to the New Zealand Post, who will send it over in the spirit of Christmas. Best.

At present, over 2,000 Twitter users have signed up for this great online endeavor, and people have begun clueing themselves in on the best present for their “Santee”. Apparently, not all sleuthing comes equally.


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