This Epic Map Of All The Star Wars Planets Will Help You Plan Your Fantasy Vacation

What diehard Star Wars fan wouldn’t want to take a fantasy trip through the galaxy that started a phenomenon? Well, it’s time to pack up your fictional suitcase because its time to load up your spaceship…

star wars

Hey, we already know hoe to build our very own AT-AT…


This interesting infographic focuses on the main planets of the Star Wars franchise. Each planet is broken down by population, climate and terrain. For example, did you know that Endor is home to about 30 million people?

The inforgraphic also lists points of interest for each planet, so you can be sure you dont miss a thing. The Starship Graveyard on Jakku and Yoda’s Hut on Dagobah are definite must sees!

While we may never get a chance to truly embark on this legendary trip, we were pretty intrigued to check out this fictional travel guide. This infographic was created by our friends over at Casino Reviews, the number one resource for comparison of online gambling sites.

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