New Feature Uses Shoppable Instagram To Turn Those Followers Into Dollars

shoppable instagram

For those businesses looking to get the most out of their Instagram pages, the latest Yotpo’s feature can help turn your posts into profits. Shoppable Instagram is the latest feature to be released by the visual marketing company, Yotpo. The feature will allow you to turn your Instagram account into a one of a kind shopping experience by sending Instagram followers straight to the product page for any item that interests them. All you have to do is post and tag product photos to introduce an entirely new shopping experience to your customers.

shoppable instagram

While shopping on Instagram and social media is nothing new, Yotpo has worked hard to make this Shoppable Instagram feature better than its competitors’ options. For example, the feature shows consumers more than just how and where to purchase. It will also show interested customers reviews and other promoted products. The feature is also programmed to look and feel very similar to Instagram to help your followers feel comfortable and at ease navigating through the process. Many already using the feature have seen a boost in traffic coming to their store through Instagram.

With an extremely easy setup process, Yotpo’s Shoppable Instagram feature offers much more options than Instagram’s very own recently released shoppable experience. There are plenty of features that Yotpo can offer that the social media company can not. For example, with Yotpo you can utilize your own photos and user-generated content. Instagram can’t offer this kind of customization options. You will also be able to offer your customers reviews and other promoted products.

shoppable instagram

It all starts by allowing users to click your tagged photos to be taken to a shoppable profile that shows those specific products, reviews and other related items. Once the customer finds a product they want to purchase, they will have the option to view other suggested products. These products are not just automatically generated. They are carefully chosen based on the customer’s past preferences and purchases. Help increase profit and introduce your customers to more products they are sure to love. The links on each product picture will allow your customers to make purchases quickly and easily.

Yotpo explains the most important benefits of offering this buying option to your Instagram followers. Shoppable Instagram will:

    • Shorten the consumer’s’ path to purchase. Your Instagram followers will appreciate the ease and simplicity of the feature.
      Drive qualified traffic. This feature will help bring a new flow of traffic from Instagram to your online store.
      Increase your Instagram ROI. You will instantly see an added ROI from adding this feature to your Instagram page.
  • So, you get how Shoppable Instagram works, but is it efficient? Rest assured that there is plenty of facts to back up the success of ecommerce and social media shopping. Research shows that consumers are 60 times more likely to interact with a business through their Instagram page than any other social media channel. This large number shows how important of an opportunity it is to make it possible for your Instagram followers to shop through your profile. In fact, more than 38 percent of Instagram users say they have decided to purchase a specific product after seeing it in an Instagram post. With those kind of statistics, it would be crazy to not turn your Instagram profile into a one of a kind shopping experience. Take advantage of this opportunity to snag a entirely new customer base with minimal effort.

    shoppable instagram

    Yotpo is a trusted resource for giving companies the ability to boost their online traffic and promote sales. Several large names in the retail industry use Yotpo and their exclusive features, such as Sears, Staples and Adore Me. Several influential retailers are realizing the potential for monetizing their images and social media postings. It is time that your business did too. One visually appealing post can lead to a huge increase in profits.

    You can learn more about the Shoppable Instagram feature and all of Yotpo’s exclusive features on their website,

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