Russian Man Strips Naked At Airport Before Boarding To Be More ‘Aerodynamic’

Photo by YouTube/RT/Vesti Sevastopol

We usually shouldn’t judge or shun people with crazy ideas, as long as they are safe. After all, those ideas could blossom into the next big contribution to society. However, one Russian man had an idea so crazy, it will probably discourage aliens from visiting us for at least a few more centuries– he took off his clothes at the airport because they make him less aerodynamic.


The would-be passengers waiting at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport were in for quite a surprise last Saturday. While they were lining up to board a plane headed for Simferopol in Crimea, one Russian man in line was ahead of his time. He took off his clothes– all of them. While butt-naked, he went up to the line for the departing plane as a regular person would. Here’s the video:

Of course, he wasn’t always like this, he actually entered the airport fully clothed but like a modern day Da Vinci, he had a glimpse of the future. Too bad other people do not share the same… enthusiasm as the said man. So, the police went in and arrested him, he was also handcuffed while naked and detained before he could reach the plane.


No one knew what the Russian man had in mind when he stripped naked but one of the witnesses claimed that “He shouted that he was naked because clothing impairs the aerodynamics of the body. He flies with more agility when undressed.” Some witnesses also claimed that he does not appear to be under the influence of alcohol.


Still, he was taken to the airport’s medical bay and eventually, to a hospital where the he will undergo a mental health examination. It’s not clear whether he got a ticket refund… or if he had a ticket at all.

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