Mom’s Secret Affair Revealed After DNA Test Shows Newborn Twins Have Different Fathers

Mom's Secret Affair Revealed After DNA Test Shows Newborn Twins Have Different Fathers

Well, this is one way to get caught cheating. A new mom’s affair was uncovered when a DNA test on her twins confirmed they have different fathers.

The unnamed woman, from Xiamen, China, and her partner asked for a paternity test on their children last year, so they could officially add their boys to the city’s household register.

However, the couple were in for a surprise when the results revealed that one of the twins did not belong to her husband.

According to the Fujian Daily newspaper, even before the results came to light, the husband was confused as to why his sons looked so different to one another.

However, despite one child having different eyes, nose and mouth from either parent, he never dreamed that the boy was not his.

Unsurprisingly, the findings have driven a wedge in their marriage. At first, the woman accused the husband of tinkering with the results, before eventually admitting to a one night stand.

This type of pregnancy, where two eggs are fertilised during the same cycle by two different dads, is known as super-fecundation.

For it to occur, the woman must have slept with the man within hours, at the most days, after being fertilised by her husband.

Dr Zhang, from Xiamen’s Fujian Zhengtai Judicial Authentication Center, which analysed the couple’s DNA tests, said: “This is a very special case. It means that the woman had sexual relations with two men – and was impregnated by them at the same time.”

“They’re fraternal twins. A very uncommon and rare case.”

She also said that the couple “sorted the matter out themselves”.

However, the father has allegedly claimed that although he still wants his own child, he is “unwilling to raise someone else’s child.”

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