Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You


There’s nothing more heart-crushing than finding out your girlfriend is two-timing you behind your back. So –  here are some tips to nab her bleeping bleep in the act.

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Everything, is a wrap: a relationship you thought was so going well, all the hard work and time you invested to make it work, and your ability to trust people and all your self-confidence. Gone in an flash – through no damn fault of your own.

Worst of all, it always (most times) comes as a total shock—like, completely out of left field!

However … there are a plethora of ways to tell if she is ‘exploring her options’ behind your back, so you can be ready for the worst.

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For instance, it’s time to start packing your bags if your girl doesn’t give you access to her phone.

When you’re in an authentic relationship, there’s no secrets anymore. You most likely even know each other’s Pin Code’s. A tightlipped relationship – one where you’re hiding all your phone (and internet) activity – however, can be very destructive to the trust that you share.

That is why if she has a new password and is locking her phone or/and is not permitting you touch it at all (not even to Google something quickly), then she must have a perfectly good reason. And the reason – is plainly something she doesn’t want you to know.

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If your girlfriend acts like she’s a GPS Tracker or something, too … most likely, she’s cheating on you bro (so, so sorry).

All of a sudden, is your girl overly interested in where during the day you are going to be, at what time, and for how long? Well, it is not because she thinks your activities are intriguing, or even that she is suspicious of you cheating on her. The explanation more than likely, is that she is trying to make sure you are not around to catch her (in the act of cheating)!

When it comes to cheating, there’s a number one trick: DON’T GET CAUGHT. As long as you never get busted, you never have to confront all the pain you’re inflicting on your partner or the frightful feelings attached to it. And, the key to not getting caught is to not be in the same place as your partner while you’re creeping on them; which, may appear obvious. If she’s begun tracking your movements out of the clear blue, then this could be the reason why.


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