Watch: Naked Inmate Squeezes Himself Through Small Jail Cell Opening


Caught by CCTV cameras, a hopeless prisoner astonishingly squeezed his naked body through the small prison cell opening where food’s served.

via Imgur; Some viewed this, as the prisoner being ‘born again’ by escaping

The whole near-impossible escape was captured on tape. It is undetermined whether or not he did managed to escape from the jail.

Prison cell doors are way more secure, making it impossible almost to open otherwise. Ordinarily, a person would use a lock pick or some other tool to attempt to open a door. Somehow though, after shear fortitude, this inmate was able to squeeze himself through the cell’s tiny food-serving opening.

The footage is from somebody recording a playback with their cellphone. It’s the epitome of having a plan and sticking with it – in a peculiar manner!

The vid was posted to Imgur later with a caption reading: “This guy deserved a medal for this escape from his cell…” Someone commented, “I’m more interested in how he got his shoulders through.” Another person said jokingly, “Let him go i don’t care what his crime was.”

Other viewers chimed in: “There should be a rule, if you can escape your free. Prisons not doing their jobs.” “Did the guy not think they had secondary security doors or cameras?” “Is that his skin on the floor?”

This is one of the most intense escapes ever attested. It is strange, impressive and creepy all at the same time!


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Aaron Granger


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