Police Dog Gets Prepared For Winter In The Most Adorable Way, But He Doesn’t Like It

police dog
Photo by Imgur/JinaBiel16

Turns out the Starks from Game of Thrones were right, winter is here now and while our winter is not as bad as in Westeros, it still can get quite frigid. Also, unlike direwolves, some dog breeds are ill-equipped to handle the freezing cold. A police dog is certainly no exception to this, hence one of them gets prepared for winter in a rather adorable fashion, with shoes!

an’t really argue with that. A dog in uniform leads a life as dangerous as his handlers.’ More so this winter in places like South Dakota where temperatures can plummet as low as -9C. So the Rapid City Police Department in South Dakota equipped Jary, a Belgian Malinois with winter-gear, a.k.a. boots for paws. Problem is, Jary finds it an alien experience:

Yep, if you ever wanted to see an adult dog reduced to an uncoordinated puppy, all you need to do is make them wear shoes. He did try taking them off by lifting his feet as high as he could to no avail. Of course, those shoes can be a lifesaver for Jary and other dogs as well because their rubbery paws can easily get stuck on the ice ground in negative temperatures. 

As a police dog, Jary’s job is to sniff out narcotics operations in checkpoints. Now, he won’t have to worry about the elements of nature getting in the way of his job. That is, as soon as he gets used to those snow boots. No worries, plenty of dogs have mastered the art of Prada:

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