Catwalk: Cat Invades Fashion Show Runway; Picks Fights With Models [VIDEO]

fashion show
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Anyone who has ever owned or made contact with a cat knows that those discount tigers are up to no good. They love to be the center of attention but do not reciprocate any love you give them, much like millennials who love to friendzone people… Anyway, one cat went leaps and bounds just to get the attention it wanted, by invading a fashion show runway, in the middle of an ongoing fashion show.


It happened during one glamorous fashion show namely, the Esmod International Fashion Show in Istanbul, Turkey. One menace of a feline went on the stage and decided to steal the spotlight.


But no, it did not stop there, rather than just walk the runway as all attention seekers should, the said cat proceeded to cause more of a distraction. It groomed/cleaned itself onstage, licking its behind amidst all the stage lights and the cameras, scandalous:

fashion show
Photo by YouTube/Actual Media

Thankfully, the human models remained professional and just walked past the sordid kitty. But then, the kitty would not have it and took and missed a swipe at one of the passing models. Those models slayed it with their clothes, so the cat tried to slay them with its paws. Thankfully, the whole thing was caught on video so you can see for yourself:


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You can clearly see why the runway is sometimes referred to as the catwalk, that thing is a natural! It does need to work on less aggression, but apparently, the cat achieved what it set out to do by clawing at anyone who dares steal the spotlight. No one knew where the cat came from or how it got there but it is probably now working its way up the Kardashian ladder, one can only have so much attention.

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