Texas Man Gets Arrested After Saying ‘Santa Isn’t Real’ To Children

Santa Isn't Real
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My god, Santa isn’t real? How could our parents lie to us? To make matters worse; apparently, telling that to children might get you arrested. So hush hush, and keep that depressing fact to yourself. Lest you might end up like one man from Texas who got arrested because he couldn’t keep it to himself and terrorized children by telling them “Santa isn’t real.”

Aaron Urbanski was not too fond of Christmas. He probably likes Halloween a lot better and thinks it is the best holiday of the year. So he decided to be a Grinch and unleash a nightmare before Christmas; by going around a church event telling children that “Santa isn’t real.” Urbanski was indeed, one naughty boy.

The said event, called “breakfast with Santa” took place at a St. Mark United Methodist Church in Cleburne, Texas. There, Urbanski and three others actually trespassed the church event. They went to protest where they kept shouting Santa isn’t real to children and the other guests. They were warned by the officials to leave, so two of them did, but Urbanski had such resolve to ruin Christmas.

“Do you let your kids believe in a fake Santa or do they know who Jesus is?” was one of the questions which the protesters asked the people at the event, recalled one of the mothers. 

Pretty soon, the cops were called to the church where upon arriving, the cops took Urbanski to the Johnson County Law Enforcement Center with a charge of criminal trespass. No bond was immediately set for him. On the bright side, Urbanski will have no trouble convincing his prison inmates that Santa isn’t real, plenty of naughty boys there.

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