Woman Lambasted For Claiming Guide Dogs Are Unethical Because They ‘Can’t Consent To Work’

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Growing up, all of us probably realized one constant universal thing, the world never runs out of problems. Problem is (heh, see what I did there?), some do not know which problems to prioritize. Hence, you see a lot of them in their usual infuriating “busy idiot” phases, like one TV personality from the UK who voiced out that guide dogs are unethical for the most illogical of reasons.


Wendy Turner-Webster is the said woman who is also an animal welfare and rights activist. She was recently on an ITV programme where she argued that the use of guide dogs is unethical because “They didn’t exactly apply for the jobs they’ve ended up doing,” according to her. Her solution? Better technology so that handicapped people can be guided, something still too far-fetched at the moment.


When asked by show interviewer Piers Morgan whether owners needed to ask for a dog’s consent to be taught tricks, Webster simply answered, “I know when I’m putting my animal, or any animal, in a potentially dangerous or vulnerable situation.” Then again, she does not think that guide dogs are “unhappy” when doing their guide dog work, here’s the interview:

Of course, for her reasoning, Webster got criticized online and by guide dog owners, particularly those who are blind. Apparently, a lot of handicapped guide dog owners are not only using guide dogs for mere help but also for companionship and emotional development as well. One disability activist named Dr. Amit Patel even claimed that guide dogs also thrive in such situations too.


What do you think of Webster’s reasoning, though? Should humans stop using animals for work? Feel free to discuss below.

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