Study Finds Women Sleep Better With Dogs Than With Human Partners

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Getting sleep is actually more important than work or anything else your body needs aside from food, water, and shelter. Hence, better sleep always equates to better health especially for women since poor sleep is more dangerous to them than to men. So how do women sleep better? One way is to get a mattress that fits your body. Another way is by sleeping with a dog… No, not your partners, those are horndogs, not dogs. We mean the literal pets.


The researchers at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York conducted a study and concluded once and for all that dogs are the perfect bed companions. They can even provide better sleep for women than their human partners.


The study was spearheaded by professor Christy L. Hoffman where they surveyed 962 women all around the US. 55 percent of those women admitted that they sleep next to their dogs. 31 percent claimed they slept next to their cats. Also, 57 percent of all of them said they also sleep next to a human partner. The survey also asked them to rate the quality of their sleep and how safe they felt.


The results? Well, human partners and cats were rated as equally disruptive in women’s sleep. Meanwhile, dogs were less likely to wake their owners up, meaning better sleep.


Additionally, women who own dogs also tend to follow a stricter and healthier sleeping cycle since they need to take care of their dogs. That isn’t to say dogs can’t adjust, in fact, Hoffman also claimed that dogs can adapt to their owner’s schedules.


As for the sense of safety and security during sleep, well, forget about safety with cats, dogs can and will protect you while you sleep. Oddly enough, women also rated their dogs as more secure sleeping companions than their partners, probably because dogs never try to “wake” them up to an impromptu late-night coitus.


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