Mom Now Regrets Her Baby’s Name After Asking The Internet If It Was ‘Boring’

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Naming a baby is never an easy task. You have to make sure whether you strike the perfect balance between too weird and too normal. On top of that, you also have to make sure that it’s not a name which opens your child to bullying. Hence, one mom asked the internet for advice on what they thought of her 3-year-old’s name– a regretful decision, sadly.


An anonymous user on Mumsnet recently crowd-sourced whether her baby’s name was alright or too boring. The problem is, she was three years too late, her baby is already a toddler named Evelyn. So, Evelyn’s mom asked the internet (supposedly online moms) what they thought of the name.


Apparently, a lot of them thought it was boring, so much so, that Evelyn’s mom regretted her the name. The anonymous mom has even fallen out of love with the name “Evelyn” and now wishes that she should have named her child Eliza. She even went as far as considering giving Evelyn a name change despite the fact that she chose it for sentimental reasons.


“When we named her I had never been on a site like this and having never met another little Evelyn I didn’t know it was popular (still haven’t met another one in our area!) however I get really sad that it is pretty much always called boring or horrible on this site. I very rarely see anything positive about it and it makes me regret not calling her Eliza,” explained the anonymous mom.


Thankfully, the internet, or rather, the supportive moms of Mumsnet reassured Evelyn’s mom that nothing was wrong with the name. What do you think of “Evelyn?” Feel free to discuss in the comments!

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