‘Kondo-ing’ Is Now A Legit Dating Term Thanks To Marie Kondo, Here’s What It Means

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When all is said and done, the most important thing in life (after basic needs) is still happiness. Hence, disposing of things, mostly material, that <ahem> “do not spark joy,” is a welcome activity popularized by Marie Kondo and her Netflix show about tidiness. For some reason, this also applies to relationships now, and the dating scene has given birth to a new dating term, called Kondo-ing.


No, it does not involve contraception or high-rise building breakups. For those of you unaware, Marie Kondo’s philosophy in cleaning involves throwing away clutter which “does not spark joy.” This leads to a more minimalist home interior look. Surprisingly enough (or not) this philosophy also works well in real life. So, people are now getting dumped left and right by their partners for not sparking joy.


Plenty of Fish, an online dating service was quite vocal about this new dating term. They describe “Kondo-ing” as tidying up your life by setting people free, especially ones that do not spark joy. Of course, afterward, you go replace them with someone who does. It’s that simple, like buying a new pair of shoes if your old ones are rugged. Harsh, we know, but eh, modern dating!


It does sound like something that regularly happens and predates even modern times, well, that’s because it existed before. It’s just that there has never been a more euphemistic term to it before Marie Kondo took the internet by storm. At the very least, you can now break up with a decent person just because you’re bored and look a lot less despicable because “Kondo-ing.”

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