Woman Scraps Baby Shower After Guests Make Fun Of Her Baby’s Unique Name

unique name
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A name is the most important thing a person can have from the moment they go out to the world. It is the indication that they are wanted by their parents. Hence, a lot of parents think up of names long before the baby is even born. One such incident regarding this, however, prompted one mother-to-be to cancel her baby shower because of the baby’s unique name.


The mother’s name was kept anonymous, sadly, at least the internet had that much decency. Her baby’s name, on the other hand, was revealed in full glory: Squire Sebastian Senator. No, Senator is not their surname, it is actually part of the first name, so says the aspiring mother. She totally did not just think of three cool words she liked and called it a day.


There is no doubt that it is a unique name. Perhaps a little more excessively unique than the others. Unsurprisingly, the guests to the baby shower; her friends, family, and other relatives, kinda did not see eye to eye with the anonymous mother-to-be regarding the baby’s name. It even got to the point where she canceled the baby shower with a long FB rant:

unique name
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To make matters worse, she wants everyone to call her baby by his full unique name, no nicknames, invented or otherwise. Can you imagine calling out to Squire Sebastian Senator in the event of an emergency? It’s like those words you shout before transforming into a power ranger– not judging or anything, but it is a unique name.


Too bad people at the airport are going to have a field day over Squire Sebastian Senator’s unique name. Oh well, at least she didn’t name him ABCDE.

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