Marathon Runner Suffers Diarrhea, Poops While Running But Still Wins

A marathon runner often puts him/herself under extreme conditions just to finish a race but sometimes, the digestive system doesn’t give a jack about your important life events. Still, for one Chinese man, diarrhea is never an excuse, so he kept running despite his uncooperative digestive tract, even defecating in the middle of the race… he won, though.

Wu Xiangdong is one dedicated marathon runner. He trained hard to join a 21-kilometer half-marathon race in Shanghai, China. However, 10 kilometers into the said half-marathon, Wu started feeling “unwell” from his stomach area. While he endured for four more kilometers, Wu simply had to go, so he let it rip– a liquified stool in the 14-kilometer mark:

Photo by Weibo / 姜涛Ginojiang

“Even I couldn’t stand the smell,” Wu said in an interview. Near the finish line, however, it was down to him and an African marathon runner. Apparently, this gave Wu additional motivation, “I kept running and didn’t stop [for a toilet] and I wanted to beat the African runner at the finish.” How’d it go? Take a look:

“I was really relieved when I crossed the finish line. It seemed I had more power after I excreted everything [during the race]. I definitely would have run faster if I didn’t have this [diarrhea],” admitted Wu. Needless to say, he won the race, poopy pants and all. Wu finished the half-marathon with a record of one hour, six minutes, and 16 seconds.

“I don’t think it was because of what I ate. It was a mighty relief to have had the toilet in the end. I don’t want to remember this race,” expressed Wu, despite his impressive victory with a “handicap.” It is unknown whether the African marathon runner caught a whiff of Wu’s soiled pants resulting in his defeat, but that would be discrediting Wu’s Herculean effort.

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