Would You Drink Baby Poop? Well, You Should, Because They Can Help Fight Diseases

Baby Poop
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Probably not the worst or most disgusting thing you have ever downed but it sure is quite cringing. Seriously, baby poop? Have you seen the google image search results for those? There’s even a color for them, it’s a shade called “baby poop brown.” That’s quite inaccurate since baby poop comes in different assorted delights for parents to savor. Anyway, better get used to them because they can be used to replace yogurt.

Baby Poop
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That’s right, nutrition scientists have recently found out that the feces of babies have a certain strain of bacteria similar to those found in yogurts. These are called probiotics and they can help immensely with digestion. As such, they can prevent certain digestive tract diseases, probably even that c-word that forms in the colon area.

Baby Poop
Photo by ReachMD

In fact, a probiotic cocktail has been developed already with baby poop as its primary component. This is all thanks to Wake Forest School of Medicine in North Carolina. The said cocktail could help improve anyone’s overall health and help with weight loss. They only used the dirty diapers of about 34 infants to come up with the said cocktail, so don’t throw those away moms, they are a gold mine.

Baby Poop
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Of course, don’t consume them outright as well, they require a certain process to be ready for consumption. Now, for the cocktail, it has done wonders in the experiments conducted by the U.S. nutrition experts. It actually made the test subjects more resistant to illnesses that attack the immune system as well as the digestive system. As for why only baby poop, well, babies are generally healthy and are not affected by any age-related diseases, hence, their doodoo is special, unlike yours. Oh, and they are also readily available.

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