Instagram Blogger Laments Prospect Of 9-5 Job After Her Account Gets Deleted

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Being a social media influencer or blogger is among the top jobs that people past the millennial generation would love to have. Heck, you can even go around asking children what they want to be these days and they’ll answer: “YouTuber.” For them, social media is life… literally, and one Instagram Blogger is no exception– she broke down into tears after her healthy Instagram following went poof.


Jessy Taylor is a budding Instagram blogger and already has an impressive 113,000 followers. For most people, that would have been enough as a career, and it does pay. However, her life was turned upside down when people started reporting her account en masse, leading to it being deleted by Instagram. So, Jessy took to YouTube to make an emotional appeal:

In case the video gets deleted, Jessy can be seen (uncontrollably) crying while telling everyone that those who reported her and caused her Instagram account deletion actually ruined her life. Apparently, she makes all her money being an Instagram blogger. She also claimed to be a prostitute before she found her Instagram career.

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Additionally, Jessy shunned the idea of working a 9-5 job. She claimed to not have any skills whatsoever and could never work a normal job, adding that that life is not for her. It seems she disdains being a part of the 90 percent and doesn’t want to work a 9-5 job just to improve or at least get by.

Still, Jessy never went into why people actually reported her account. She just urged everyone not to do that anymore. At the moment, she has set up a new account to continue being an Instagram blogger with a current following of 3,700.

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