Racist Instagram Comedian ‘Jokes’ About Eating Cats To Chinese Restaurant Owners

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Jokes can easily turn into offensive things especially when blurted out by the wrong person. Those who interact with people of different racial backgrounds will know that there is a thin line between a joke and offensive stereotypes. Sadly, a lot of people do not know that, hence things can get notorious like what happened to an aspiring comedian who joked about eating cats to random Chinese people.

Anthony Williams, also known in Instagram as “Cool Ant” wants to be a comedian. Unfortunately, he might have watched one too many Family Guy racial stereotype jokes and thought that cartoon humor translates well to real life. So he went around the Chinese community to ask Chinese restaurant owners if they served fried cats and joked about eating cats in general:

The owner seems to know that Williams was up to no good and pointed him away. However, the comedian did not stop at one restaurant, he also went to the restaurant next door to pester the owner with the same question, apparently still thinking that it was a funny joke:

Williams also may have instigated some sort of business feud between the two restaurant owners. Notice how the second restaurant owner thought that she was being slandered by the other restaurant and even wanted to call the police on them. To that, Williams even replied that “Yeah, you might want to do that,” seemingly unaware of the trouble he caused.


The internet was quick to criticize Williams and his Instagram videos were taken down swiftly. Apparently, Williams also worked for an urban lifestyle retailer named DLTR and his employer even had to apologize for his actions:

Of course, it was only then that some sense was knocked into Williams and he also issued an online apology:


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Next time, maybe just go with the usual self-deprecating jokes.

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