Guy Falls Asleep at Work; Becomes Internet Meme


2016,’s newest meme offering comes in the guise of our favorite office misdemeanor: falling asleep at our desks.

Sometimes, being an intern at an ambitious tech startup can be a pretty tough affair. There’s a new schedule to adhere to, adjusting to the job and company culture, meeting deadlines and acing standards, and a whole lot more. Let’s not even take into account the working in your shift with your school schedule (if you’re on OJT-status), hoping your performance boosts your grades, and just generally surviving this entire internship.

And then, if you’re anything like a certain TheOrangeDuke, everything just catches up to you, and you end up alling asleep at your desk.

Which, as luck would have it, your office mates do notice, and they decide to immortalize the moment. Of course, they also decide this snapshot is just too good to not share with the rest of the planet, and it promptly goes onto Reddit and into the loving hands of Photoshop expert everywhere.

First, here’s the picture:


Ah yes, falling asleep is indeed a gift. In fact, it’s turned this photo into the gift that just keeps on giving, as you’ll witness in these pictures:

A performance of a lifetime.


Yep. Same, sleepy office guy. Same.


Truly, a timeless masterpiece, enough to move you to tears.


You know nothing (about the glory that is sleep), John Snow.


That must’v been one heckuva hangover. Just look at that baby.


“Let me sleep, let me sleep… speaking words of wisdom, let me sleep…”


The disciples are greeted with the sound of silence (and gentle snoring).


He’s. Just. EVERWHERE.


Catch the wave, catch the feeling.


“and I said, hey yeah yeahhehezzzzzzz”



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