Articles written by Timothy Bertrand

Father Of Slain Muslim Soldier Challenges Donald Trump To Take A Naturalization Test

The feud between Khizr Khan and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump may be the strangest tale in an election season with no shortage of weirdness. Evocative of Joe the Plumber, himself a foreshadowing of the illiberal populism the Trump brand exploits, Khan represents the concerns of another demographic: American Muslims, and indeed all minorities under […]

Chris Christie Staffers In Trouble Over Recovered Text Messages

Forget SnapChat—the only messages that disappear after you send them are whispers. If you want to keep something secret, don’t give into convenience. You must avoid the digital realm, for it leaves behind too many artifacts. This principle of secrecy has been demonstrated numerous in recent history; from the Sony and DNC leaks to the hawkish cables of […]

Chipotle Is Trying to Win Customers Back with Free Beer

For all the value of an eight dollar burrito the size of my head, it’s difficult to justify eating at Chipotle Mexican Grill. After the March 2008 hepatitis outbreak, I became cautious. After the April 2008 norovirus outbreak, I started having second thoughts. After the February 2009 campylobacter jejuni outbreak, I said “What the fuck is campylobacter jejuni, and should […]

Glow-in-the-dark Concrete Could Change the Way We Light City Streets

Glow-in-the-dark cement could change the world. An invention by José Carlos Rubio Avalos could revolutionize the way we light city streets. The Mexican scientist has developed glow-in-the-dark cement—which when added to concrete, could pave the way for lampless, eco-friendly streets. According to CNN: “The energy-efficient material soaks up sunlight during the daytime and begins to emit […]

Democrats Tepidly Nominate Hillary Clinton Amidst Concerns About Her Viability

On Tuesday, delegates to the Democratic National Convention nominated Hillary Clinton for president. The raucous political convention had been shaken by the revelation that senior DNC officials plotted to undermine the Bernie Sanders campaign and have long favored Clinton. On Friday, Wikileaks published nearly 20,000 emails from DNC officials. The content of these leaks outraged Sanders supporters […]

Newly Developed Graphene ‘Super Battery’ Charges In Seconds, Lasts Forever

Consumer demands and environmental concerns are two of the biggest factors driving researchers to improve batteries. One researcher at Australia’s Swinburne University has managed to create a battery that satiates both desires: an environmentally-friendly battery that charges in seconds, and virtually never goes bad. Researcher Han Lin created the battery using 3D printed graphene, one of […]

How Cockroach Milk Could End World Hunger

Researchers Think Cockroach ‘Milk’ Could Feed Our Growing Population Try to contain the urge to vomit as we build toward a conclusion. Over population is the concern that advances in healthcare and quality of life are causing population growth that our planet’s limited resources can’t support. As nobody can argue the morality of forcible castration, […]

DNC Planned To Reward Big Donors With Cushy Government Jobs, Leaked Emails Reveal

Democrats Face Bad Optics as Democratic National Convention Kicks Off The Democratic National Convention is already underway, but optics for Democratic Party insiders are looking increasingly bad after leaked emails uncovered widespread and systematic favoritism among committee members. And the scandal doesn’t end at Bernie Sanders. Chuck Ross, a reporter at the conservative Daily Caller, unearthed […]