#ImNotKiddingMaddi: Twitter Mocks Obnoxious Hillary Clinton Email

Hillary Clinton is the queen of social media—according to out-of-touch partisan editorialists from 2008, anyway. The online generation simply doesn’t buy it. The former Secretary of State’s desperate schmoozing with millennials has become downright embarrassing.

The 35-and-under demographic isn’t interested in pandering, they’re interested in issues. Tweets like these don’t help the presidential candidate’s poor performance with the millennial crowd:


It seems Clinton’s poor understanding of the wild online frontier, or, you know—how email works—is a problem endemic to her campaign, infecting even the staffers who write her emails. One email, in particular, has ignited a firestorm of mockery on Twitter.

The email, purportedly from HillaryClinton.com, asks a woman identified only as Maddi to donate a dollar:

“After tonight’s results roll in, keep this in mind: most of the country casts their primary ballots by the middle of March. We absolutely, critically need to make sure Hillary comes out on top in the states that lie ahead.”

The last line of the email has been a source of endless amusement:

“I’m not kidding, Maddi, I’m asking you to give $1 right this second.”

Introducing #ImNotKiddingMaddi:


One post took advantage of the hilarious Bernie/Hillary compare/contrast meme.


Then there’s this gem:

According to the Telegraph, many of the memes originated in the infamous Facebook group “Bernie Sanders Dank Memes Stash,” where people post wonderfully romanticized parodies of the Bernie campaign memes that began circulating shortly after the Democratic Socialist presidential candidate announced his run.

After Sanders tied with Clinton in Iowa and won New Hampshire in a landslide, Clinton will need to step up her game unless she wants a repeat of 2008.

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